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VCE Player

Opening VCE files is easy: all you need is VCE software, namely VCE Player. Instant VCE Player download, including FREE demo version, is available here. For VCE Player download, access Avanset website and click Get Started.

VCE software from Avanset comes in 2 options: VCE Exam Simulator BASIC and VCE Exam Simulator PRO.

The difference is simple:

  • VCE Exam Simulator BASIC Package only includes VCE Player, enabling users to open and play VCE files, topped with useful functions such as save session options, score report, show answer etc.
  • VCE Exam Simulator PRO includes 2 programs: VCE Player and VCE Designer, so in addition to opening VCE files and taking VCE practice exams, users can create and edit their own VCE files.

Decide what your goals are, select your package and follow instructions to complete your download:

As long as you have followed the instructions and activated your subscription, you can open your VCE Player. Immediately, you will be asked to add some VCE exams to your VCE Player software:

Find the file on your hard drive:

You will see the file on your VCE Player list. You can add more VCE exams to your VCE Player if you need to. Choose the exam you want to practice and click Start.

Now, input the properties for your test session, including time limit, the areas you want to focus on (if the exam consists of more than one section), etc.

Now your VCE practice begins:

VCE Player also supports features similarly to hiding/showing the answer (so you can use VCE exams as your initial learning tools). To show answers, click the button in the upper right corner of your VCE Player:

VCE Player lets you mark and review questions in your VCE exam:

At the end of your testing session, you will get your score report. Here' we still have a long way to go:

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