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VCE Exam Simulator BASIC

Software that opens VCE files take interactive exams on your computer & benefit from advanced features.

VCE Exam Simulator PRO

Make your own VCE files and edit VCEs whenever you wish

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VCE Exam Simulation for Mac

Take realistic interactive exams in your Mac. 100% exam simulation guaranteed.

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VCE Exam Simulation for Mobile

Play VCE exams on your mobile device just as easily as you do on your desktop

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VCE Exam Simulator

Desktop solution for interactive exam preparation


VCE Player for Mac

VCE Exam Simulator BASIC equivalent for Mac OS


VCE Mobile

VCE software compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

VCE Software for Opening and Editing VCE Files: Instant Download

VCE practice exams and VCE software are becoming increasingly popular with users who value their time and want to prepare for their IT certification exams easier and faster. Popular with IT professionals, as well as representatives of other industries worldwide, VCE technology provides users with the next generation learning solution.

VCE Software is one most popular learning and exam preparation solutions. It allows users to take interactive exams on their computer or mobile device. These exams come in the VCE file format, and can only be created and opened in the VCE software.

VCE Software can be purchased and downloaded from Avanset. For a quick preview, or if you're unsure if VCE software is what you're looking for, be sure to download a free demo version of VCE software, available here:


VCE Software demo download provides users with the same functionality as the regular version of the product, but limits each exam to its first 5 questions. The number of exams that can be used is unlimited, so this free demo is more than enough to get an impression of what VCE software is about.

Whenever you're ready to switch to the full version, you can do so by choosing between the BASIC and PRO packages of VCE Exam Simulator:


What's the difference between the BASIC and PRO versions?

  • VCE Exam Simulator BASIC package contains VCE Player, allowing users to play VCE files.
  • VCE Exam Simulator PRO includes VCE Player and VCE Designer. Consequently, not only can its owners open and play VCE exams, but they create and edit their own VCEs, too.

Find out more about VCE Software to decide which option is right for you

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